Venice Grand Canal Tour

Admire the play of lights as they shimmer on the water while you glide along the Grand Canal, the main Street of Venice.

See the Magnificent and imposing palaces and churches lining the banks of the Grand Canal while learning how the Grand Canal has developed over the centuries into the most glorious street in the world. The best way to appreciate the beauty and matchless splendor of a city built on water, is by boat.

Gliding through Venice’s Grand Canal and minor canals, you are introduced to palaces, churches, bridges, warehouses and gardens lining the city of liquid streets.

Your luxurious motor-launch boat tour of the Grand Canal makes the magic of Venice come alive.

Private Grand Canal Boat Tour

1 hour
The Grand Canal of Venice is the most spectacular ‘high street’ in the world. The beautiful palaces were constructed over hundreds of...
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from € 37.00 p.p.

Grand Canal Boat Tour – Small Group

1 hour
Our tour helps you to imagine what the Grand Canal was like when there were still gardens, ‘squeri’ (where the gondolas were built),...
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€47.00 per person